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Dear Advisors,

Hello! I’m Mike Fitzgerald. I’m writing today to introduce myself to you and to open a dialog about how I can help you build stronger, better client relationships.
First, a little about my background and why I think we should get to know one another. If you were to check my website I worked many years as a financial planner. And although I am no longer doing money management, the background I have means I can understand what you are doing for your clients and work with you to seamlessly integrate their estate plan with the wealth management plan you have been building with them. I’m dedicated to providing the highest level of estate planning service to families and business owners. My education-focused, collaborative approach with advisors like you sets me apart from most other attorneys, and it can provide you with a valuable business building opportunity.

How does my approach to estate planning help you? The short answer is that my approach helps your clients achieve their estate planning goals. During the process, you’re positioned as a go-to resource for your clients’ long-term planning needs.

The long answer is that I can provide you and your clients with numerous valuable benefits:

·       My Estate Planning Deficiencies Check-Up allows your clients to self-evaluate their planning needs in 10 minutes or less…without needing to call me first.
·       I offer your clients a complimentary, no obligation review their existing estate plan. As you know, an estate plan review usually takes several hours of professional time to complete. But since the review I’m offering is “off the clock”, this could save your clients hundreds of dollars and still give them the peace of mind of knowing whether their existing plan accomplishes their goals.
·       I offer a no-cost initial consultation for anyone who needs to discuss how estate planning might benefit them and their family.
·       Because educated clients see the importance of thorough, robust financial and estate planning, I can conduct educational seminars for your clients on several estate planning strategies, the dangers of probate, and why the increased estate tax exemption might be a curse disguised as a blessing.
·       I’m excited to participate in client meetings with you and to support sound recommendations you make.
·       By identifying unmet client needs, my estate planning process can be leveraged to create new product opportunities for you. Because we work as a team and address a broader set of your clients’ needs, your client relationship is improved and you’re positioned as a go-to resource for your clients’ long-term planning needs.

The information packet I have included with this letter provides an overview of why wealth professionals like you view me as a valuable resource to growing their business. I’ve also included copies of my client resource kit, so you can give them to clients you feel might benefit from an estate planning discussion.
When you need additional client resource kits or if you’d like to discuss the enclosed information in greater depth, please contact me at (630)549-6961 or at I will contact you in a few days to answer any questions you may have.
                                           Very truly yours,
                                                                    Michael J. Fitzgerald
P.S. Before we meet to discuss how we can work together, please enter your email in the news letters page to sign up for my free news and information newsletter, so you can be keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the law. 

Estate Planning Deficiencies Check-Up

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