What is Elder Law?

It is difficult to describe Elder Law as any kind of particular practice area. Rather, Elder Law is more accurately defined by the type of clients the Elder Law Attorney serves. These are the elderly and the disabled. All of the problems and issues faced by these two groups are covered by the services involved in Elder Law.
Some of the common areas of Elder Law services are:
·        Medicaid Planning
·        Veteran’s Administration Planning
·        Special Needs Planning
·        Guardianship/Conservatorship
·        Estate Planning
·        Elder Abuse
·        Nursing Home Negligence
·        Social Security Disability
·        Medicare Appeals
·        Medicaid Litigation
No one Elder Law Attorney may be an expert in all the areas of such a broad field of services. However, they will be familiar enough with them to discuss these topics and usually have a network of resources to refer their client to for the areas outside of their own expertise.
The issues facing the elderly and disabled persons are growing in number and complexity. The laws and regulations applicable to them have become increasingly more difficult to navigate. Without a broad understanding of how these laws affect a person’s situation, costly and disturbing problems can arise. That’s why it’s best to consult with an attorney who focuses his practice on Elder Law and Estate Planning.
Accordingly, if you have any concerns about:
·        Running out of money if you (or your spouse) become ill and require significant care
·        Having no control over who provides care for you if you need it
·        Choosing the type of care you want and where you want to receive it
·        Leaving an inheritance to your loved ones, only to have it taken by their creditors
·        Your children misusing the property or money you have to leave to them
·        Providing support to a loved one with a disability both during your lifetime and after your
·        Making sure your wished about care and your finances are carried out
You may need to consider consulting with an Elder Law Attorney. 

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