Have you ever heard of the Karenni People Group?

The Karenni young people in this picture were not even born when their parents fled Burma to live in the refugee camps of Thailand. For 12 years their families lived in extremely difficult settings, waiting for a chance to return home. That never happened. But the U.S. government made a way for them to the U.S. as refugees.

When their families arrived in Winston-Salem, God used former international missionaries Tim and Jody Cross to help our church provide a welcoming environment. Church members met practical needs and introduced many of our new friends to Christ.

The Karenni Student Choir in this picture is the fruit of that labor. They have traveled around the U.S. telling their story. Many of the students have gone on to Bible College to prepare for vocational ministry… and some have even returned to their homeland to share Christ.

Tim and Jody encouraged us by leading this work. Now it’s time for us to encourage them.

Tim and Jody Cross are some of our special missionary friends that we want you to meet. They continue to help churches minister to refugees. You can read more of their story by clicking here.

You can also find them on Facebook here.