Use Your Skill

Chad served as a logistics officer in the USAF. He wanted to fly — so he started the many steps of pilot training. Little did he know that he would one day use all of these skills as a missionary.

Our church asked Chad to handle the logistics for a volunteer mission team. They were heading to a remote place in Africa and had to figure out a way to take all of their equipment in a few small bags. He did an incredible job simplifying a complicated task.

The next year Chad led another team to a different place. God used these short-term trips to turn Chad’s heart toward becoming a vocational missionary.

Today he leads a flight ministry for Missionary Aviation Fellowship in Southeast Asia.

Here’s the question: do you have skills that can be used to advance the cause of Missionaries?

Another question: Would you consider joining the support team of a missionary like Chad?

We are featuring Chad so you can understand who we are trying to serve. We have dozens of missionaries, just like Chad, who need people supporting their work.

You can read more of Chad’s story here….